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Revolutionary fire suppression and detection system, using 50% less water and reducing radiant heat by 50%.

About us.

A team with over 25 years in the fire protection industry, BlazeShield has developed customised firefighting and monitoring systems alongside realtime heat detection and suppression activation.

Protect your  world with BlazeShield -
Loved Ones, Livelihood, Legacy.

What makes BlazeShield so effective?

Our proprietary 'mist' system provides full fire & radiant heat suppression with reduced water requirements, alongside realtime heat detection.

Uses 50% less water

Still viable in low-water situations, but able to draw upon mains water or tanks.

Lowers Radiant Heat

Reduced radiant heat means low ember flare ups, faster suppression and control of the fire, and damage to buildings and equipment.

Better protection

Quick fire suppression means less damage and fewer injuries or fatalities.

Monitoring & Automation

BlazeShield offers 3 tiers of monitoring alongside additional service & features, providing peace of mind and 24 hour automated protection.

BlazeShield puts out fires quickly, while also reducing water consumption and minimizing damage to life and property.

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